Monday, August 11, 2008

Langkawi Car rentals - Kia Picanto

Langkawi Car Rental - Kia Picanto

Low season : RM80/24hrs
Peak season : RM100/24hrs
Kia Picanto is available in versions 4 and 5, with doors and two petrol engines with automatic gearbox.

Ahead of the machine provides "crowd" trapezoidal radiator grate with vertical stripes. The rear glass very large, very wide bumper. Salon dressed this very spacious - from the front passenger seat of 1,041 feet mm, the rear - 872 mm, and for the shoulders - 1,300 mm and 1,290 mm respectively.

To keep things in different small cabin provides 19 pockets and compartments. Capacity of the luggage - 157 litres in the normal condition, and 882 litres with the rear seats folded.


Taotao said...

hi,I'm Teresa from China.I want to know if this car is available during 9/12-9-15.I want to rent it.please contact me via email taoyin@133sh.com. Thx

zai said...

Hi. I'm Zaila from Kuala Lumpur. I'm coming to Langkawi on 12 December up to 14 December 2008. I want to rent 1 Kia Picanto starting from 12 December. Please contact me via email- zaiabdullah@gmail.com if the car is available for rent. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


I'm from Petaling Jaya. Will be in langkawi from the 27th to 2nd October. Will this picanto be available during those dates?