Thursday, September 25, 2008

Langkawi Car rentals - Toyota Vios

Langkawi Car Rental - Toyota Vios
The superbly balanced proportions of the Toyota Vios reflect the inherent intelligence of its design, and the spacious comfort that it offers. In every detail, it's a smart next-generation compact saloon that defines a new standard of practical and stylish driving.
Rate for Vios = RM130/24hrs ( for low peak)

RM180/24hrs ( for peak season )

Have a little fun and do some experimenting. Just mouse over any of the colour buttons to see how each would look on your Vios
Toyota Vios

1.5 liter, 4 Cylinder, Auto, Power Steering, Air conditioning, Seats 4, 4 door, Holds 3 large suitcases
Welcome to Langkawi Island and try to drive Toyota Vios .

Call me at 019-4172177

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En. Keed said...

Salam bro, kalau hang tak boleh ejas premacy/City, vios ni pun jadila.. pls reply to keed2700@gmail.com..thank you.