Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Langkawi Car rentals - Honda City

Langkawi Car Rental - Honda City
In your hands, the Honda City represents freedom. The freedom to go places, to dictate your terms, to arrive without breaking a sweat. Here is a machine that swiftly responds to your driving style, as if it were an extension of your hands and feet. Or dare we say, here is a machine that's truly attuned to your heart?
Gear : Auto
Engine : VTEC
For Low season = RM150 / 24hrs

For Peak Season = RM200 / 24hrs


En. Keed said...

Bro, kalau tak dapat premacy, honda city ni pun jadilah... 8-11Mac 2008.. Budget aku dlm RM70/hari... kalau hang stuju, email aku..

chan said...

hi.. i'm alan .i want to know how to booking Honda City pls send a info to me thanks.if you can send a email to me ok my email is acks4155@yahoo.com

Jier said...

abang,i am interested to rent this honda city... my vacation date is on 30 March to 1 April 2009... My budget is RM80/day... any feedback please email to me at jier_cassidy@hotmail.com

bro x said...

Hello, I plan nak ke langkawi from 2 hingga 4 July 2009. My budget cuma dlm RM 80, kalau bro willing to rent it your Honda City to me. Let me know SMS/Call - Ezam Salih
(serious dealer)