Tuesday, March 2, 2010

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Air Terjun Telaga Tujuh ( Seven Well Waterfalls )

Today's Langkawi claim to have the tallest man-made waterfall at Datai Bay. But I don't think you'd travel to a great tropical eco destination like Langkawi to see that. Well, elsewhere on the main island, you will still get a chance to experience the splendour of a true waterfall - the Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls (Seven Wells Waterfalls). From the Gunung Machinchang cable car you can see the waterfalls of Telaga Tujuh in the distance. Likewise, you can see the cable cars hovering over the forest canopy from Telaga Tujuh. Located within Compartment 8 of the Machinchang Forest Reserve (mainly comprising of dipterocarp forests) Telaga Tujuh is probably among the oldest natural and free attractions in Langkawi. In the old days a visit to Langkawi would not be complete without climbing the steep slopes of Telaga Tujuh to experience the cool waters of at least one of the seven wells.

The area is still freely accessible. Various facilities have been built for the convenience of visitors. A large parking area charges a nominal fee. Shops selling local food, beverages and souvenirs open around mid morning. Other facilities include separate mussallah (Muslim prayer room) for male and female, restrooms (one at the bottom, one halfway up and one at the top). A long flight of 638 concrete steps inclines at about 45 to 60ยบ lead all the way to the top, where there is a wooden lookout tower and several shelters. ....

Distance : About 20km from Kuah town
Admission : Free. Bring a change of clothes for swimming.
Safety Information:- Do not stand in the open at the top during thunderstorms to avoid lightning strikes.

- Do not stand too close to the edge of the falls as it is very slippery.
- Do not stand under trees during rainstorms to avoid falling branches.
- Do not scare or intimidate the monkeys.

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