Wednesday, July 7, 2010

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Durian Perangin Waterfall Langkawi ...

Located a few km away from Padang Lalang, pleasant little waterfall reached via a short treck through the rainforest.

The Durian Perangin river coupled with an attractive 14-tier waterfall and its unique rock formation are the main attraction.

This waterfall is located on the northern slope of Gunung Raya, the highest mountain of Langkawi. Still, the water flow is seasonal and the fall can best be visited during the rainy season, September-October. Access is easy and clearly signposted.

It is suitable for picnics, relaxing dips and recreation. It has a wide variety of flora and fauna that encompassed lowland dipterocarp forest. Every tier of the waterfall has its own natural attributes. The tracks natural surroundings is suitable for orienteering and other adventurous activities.