Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Langkawi Car Rental - place should go..

Restaurant Siti Fatimah Tok Senik

Lunch time was approaching fast and I was very hungry, who wouldn’t be. Together with my 2nd half and our daughter, I was driving along the Langkawi highway, you know the one, double lane, two way, from Kuah town to the airport. I just past the Langkawi hospital towards Padang Matsirat, then a set of traffic lights and at the next traffic lights I did a left turn. I knew what I was after. My wife didn’t and panicky enquired ‘Where are we going?’

On jalan Mata Air, just before the 'Tok Senik Resort', is the Restoran Siti Fatimah. I read and heard about it occasionally but never really knew where it was until some time ago. I must have driven past it at least 3 times before I recognized it. I quickly learned that it is popular by locals and tour operators, as there were plenty of cars and one big bus parked there. I still managed to park though, as with a little bit of creativity you can pretty much park anywhere here.
...more : http://langkawi-gazette.com/cat-restaurantreports-anchor/1190-restoran-siti-fatimah

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